The Pillar of Order


The Pillar of Order, The Gateway Sealed, The Balance That Holds The World

Very little is known about the Pillar of Order, save that it was created to seal away Exitialis at the end of the War of the Gods. Many different imageries exist – some argue that the Pillar is literally an invisible pole through the world, while others argue that it’s a locked gate at the center of the earth. The elves in particular suggest that it’s a tree, its roots holding together the world. The Priests of the Machine say that it’s a great clockwork device, holding the universe in precise balance.

Only the gods know for sure, and they have never said what or where the Pillar of Order is, only that it exists.

Though not a deity itself, nor possibly a physical object at all, the iconography of the Pillar has become central to many cultures, and you’ll often see crests depicting the artists’ vision of it. References to it are built into many prayers as well – indeed, it appears briefly in the standard litanies of all gods of the Second Pantheon. It’s not known if these words serve to reinforce the Pillar in any way, but who would be willing to take the risk of finding out?

The Pillar of Order

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