The Lost Gods


Creation, Craft, Community, Pestilence
The Great Maker, He Who Shaped the World, In Whom Creation Rejoices

The second half of the Shattered Pantheon, a fair bit is known about the Auctor. Exiled by the Arbitror for many years (some insist that his exile was, in actuality, self-imposed to keep the Arbitror from forcing him to participate in a ‘reboot’ of the world), the Maker grew weak and was finally brought back to Cinera by the people who would eventually become the Second Pantheon.

He tended to be every bit as hands-on with his followers as the Arbitror was, if not moreso – it was common knowledge that the Maker loved his creations and preferred to dwell amongst them in various guises when he could. In addition to the flora and fauna that made up the world, he also crafted a multitude of artifacts – clockwork and mechanical constructs, most of which were put in place to protect and aid the living species.

The Maker was slain by the combined efforts of the betrayal of his son, who would later become the Exitialis, and the Arbitror. Adherents to the church of Murus additionally believe that the Auctor saw his death coming and went to it willingly in order to trigger the events that would create the Second Pantheon.

Though the Auctor is dead, he still has followers – though they’re more a particular school of thought than an actual religion. They call themselves the Priests of the Machine, and they’ve dedicated themselves to seeking out ancient artifacts and attempting to maintain and repair them. Their headquarters is a modern wonder full of these items, and they claim that it’s situated in a town that they claim the Auctor himself once inhabited.


Trickery, Courage, Gluttony
Master of Spies, The Burned, He Whom the Gods Cast Aside

Audacian, a member of the Second Pantheon, was known as a trickster god. Peritious and Veneficia’s writings both speak of him briefly, alternating dislike and sorrow. He had worked for Exitialis prior to the Shattering, but was arguably the first of his minions to notice his declining sanity. He broke away and served as a spy for Peritious, Veneficia, and Murus, aiding them to infiltrate the inner workings of Exitialis’ cult.

When his deeds came to light, Exitialis had him burned alive as a sacrifice in an attempt to open a rift between planes, which triggered the start of the War of the Gods once The Betrayer’s motives were revealed finally.

In spite of his death, Audacian remains a somewhat popular deity to this day, particularly with the young – it’s common to reference him at parties (in ways that the other gods, were it them, might consider vulgar), or pour out libations in his name while drinking. A holiday exists even in modernity – Torvasday – a once-a-year festival of masked debauchery and revelry culminating in the burning of an effigy (the other gods have never commented that this misses the point somewhat, and the general consensus seems to be that he would have enjoyed it anyway).


Domination, Pact, Tyranny
Child of the Gods, The Young, The Forsworn

Very little is known about the Dominor. He was briefly a member of the Second Pantheon, recruited by the Exitialis during the hundred years of Shattering. If the gods speak of him at all in their accounts, it is universally with disdain – in some texts he is additionally referred to as “The Lapdog”. He was the sole god to stand alongside The Betrayer when he was sealed away, and was killed in the fight.

His cult is banned, though the ban is not strictly enforced due to his demise.

The Lost Gods

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